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Playing Cinema Director cutscene from AC ActionList?

edited February 2016 in Technical Q&A
Hi @ChrisIceBox, when I choose third party and cinema director, one needs to fill the field: Director cutscene: -------         Ok, only problem: What kind of file does this need to be? If I drag a unityscene in it it won't recognise it and I can't find it in the documentation.


  • It requires a Cinema Director Cutscene object, which should be present in the scene.
  • Thats the odd thing, it isn't. When I click on the cutscene option it shows 3 other cutscenes OnStart which are from AC. Nothing from Director. I have 2 cutscenes from AC in this Unity scene.
  • edited February 2016
    Recreated with the latest release of Cinema Director.  I'll look into it.
  • Can't see why this has stopped working, but you can get it to work by just dragging the Cutscene object into the field.
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