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WebGL Issues


I have the following issue with the WebGL deployment. If I switch to fullscreen mode the inventory (standard not customized at all) does not show up properly. Only in small mode it works without problems.

And the quit function does not work too.




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    Not sure about the UI, but I know Unity disables all the "Application.Quit" sort of functionality in WebGL.
    Exiting/quitting doesn't really make sense in WebGL, since the user can just close the browser window/tab instead.
  • Please provide more detail.  In what way does it not show up properly?  Does it only show up partially?  Is it stretched?  The 3D Demo is built in WebGL and the Inventory works in that just fine.
  • Ok the Quit button makes really no sens!

    Here is a Screenshot, I think in your demo this does not occure because you cant set it to fullscreen mode.

  • If you want to hide the Quit button, just find the QuitButton element in the Pause menu's list of elements, and uncheck Is visible?.

    AC's Menus need to be recalculated whenever the screen resolution changes - this can be done manually by calling:

    AC.KickStarter.playerMenus.RecalculateAll ();

    I will look to see if Unity makes it possible to have this be automatic, but I cannot guarantee it.

    However, you can also switch your Menu's source to Unity UI - this will cause menu elements to be scaled correctly regardless of resolution.  To do this, go into your Menu tab, and change the Source property of each Menu from Adventure Creator to Unity Ui Prefab.  You should find that the default Menus will already be linked to pre-made Unity UI prefabs.
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