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Improve ActionCheck

edited July 2014 in Engine development
This class could benefit more choices for whether the condition has been met or not.

For example, let's admit, I want a npc to tell me something "A" if I don't have a key, and tell me something else "B" If I have the key.

The action list would look like this :
  1. Action Check Var :
    [has_key] equals to [true]
    if condition is met [continue]
    else [skip to action 4]
  2. Play Speech : "A"
  3. Action Check Var : // <-- prison check technique Action 2 is jailed.
    [has_key] equals to [true]
    if condition is met [stop]
    else [continue] // <-- this doesn't really matter anyway
  4. Play Speech "B"
See all the troubles I need to go through in order to make a simple if/else dialogue? In my opinion, there aren't enough choices available on the ActionCheck (continue/stop/skip) class. Either add new options such as "Run ActionList", or provide the logic operations on the hotspot itself instead of inside the Action List.



  • Thank you for your input, though I don't quite understand what action 3 is doing in your example. Bear in mind, however, that such logic operations are much easier to create and understand within the actionlist editor window, rather than the inspector.
  • edited July 2014
    The 3rd action is supposed to prevent from playing Action 4, because I found no other way.

    If has_key is true, its supposed to [continue], but I just want it to play Speech "A" (which is Action 2, and ignore Speech "B" which is Action 4)

    Action 3 will halt execution if has_key is true
  • Thanks for the explanation.  You can set the "After running" field in Action 2 to "Stop" - no need for an interim Action.

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