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Can't get a 'Dialogue: Play Speech' to function.

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I know this is 101, but I'm clearly not doing something correct.  I'm following vid 9 to the letter (or what I would imagine is to the letter), and the robot goes to the panel, plays the head down anim, then nothing. If I deactivate the Play Speech node, the chain moves on to the end, playing the stop custom anim, and returns to the Idle anim. 

Things I've tried:
-deleting the speech manager and recreating, the adding a Play Speech action again.
-changed the Play Speech to some other action (Object: Visibility), and made the panel vanish after the lookdown anim.  Then the head looks up as expected.

Any thoughts?


  • I have tried a bunch of different things. From bare bones scenes to the written tut basement scene. I can get everything else to work, except the Play Speech. The Interaction list will just breeze passed it and move onto the next assigned action.

    Can someone confirm that it works?  Clearly I gather it does, but I can't for the life of me figure out why it doesn't work for me.
  • Check if in the SpeechManager there's the option to show subtiltes or in the MenuManager under Speech or similar there's some option causing this problem. The first time i used AC i cannot see no text because some similar problem in the menu or speech settings.
  • You've created a new, empty menu manager. If you use the Demo MenuManager instead it will work. I got stuck in the same place myself.
  • Thanks guys, replacing my MenuManager with the Demo MenuManager made it function...BUT

    That this needed to be done, and more importantly, how to set up a menu from scratch seem to be glazed over in the Tutorials is a problem. This seems like a pretty important step in setting up a game, to not go over in a tutorial does not seem well considered.

    If you guys didn't mention to swap in the demo manager I'd have no reason to think I should, or would want to. It's nice that you can, but a lesson on how to set up such an important core part of this system seems pretty important..
  • Agreed. I stumbled over this bit, too.
  • The videos are out of date, which is why I am in the middle of moving them to text-based which can be updated as AC is.

    I should also mention: If you use the provided New Game Wizard, that will successfully retain the demo's Menu Manager if you choose it to.
  • Chris,
    The vid lessons are wonderful...please don't go strictly text. You'd be surprised how valuable having you run through a procedure (no matter how rough the presentation), is to understanding it. That's why, Playmaker, And all the most successful add-ons produce vid lessons. They may seem a bit of a pain, but they are a huge part of the appeal of products like AC.

    As for the 'no speech' thing, apparently, I'm not the only one who's stumbled over this. Being able to access the demo-manager is convenient but not a substitute for a full on lesson for setting them up properly. Let alone how to customize. Along with all the wonderful work you are doing to improve the package, don't undervalue a few lessons on how to set-up (from scratch), such a important module.

    Thanks for the hard work on AC and again..don't give up on the vid lessons.  I think if you polled your customers you'd see how valuable we consider them.
  • Chris,
    I would like to add that your voice is really pleasant and clear and the way you explain things is just fantastic: not too brief and not too elaborate, just to the point. I enjoyed watching and listening to them a lot.
    I also think it would be a pity if you would drop video lessons altogether! You are really good at it!

    But I do see the conflict between spending your precious time on development, forum answers and documentation/education. I would even pay for video lessons: make them 1$ each and I am in for a subscription.

    Thank you again for doing such an excellent work on this wonderful asset. It is really fun to work with it. Much more fun than all the others I tried before: AGS, Wintermute, Visionaire, Ogre.

  • Thanks, that's appreciated.  It's down to both time and the need to update.  Adventure Creator is still in a stage when it's features are evolving - a week after I made a tutorial on 2D scenes, feedback caused me to change the workflow and the tutorial quickly became redundant.

    Text-based tutorials are not only quicker to produce but also allow me to update them when such changes occur.  I do agree that video tutorials can be nicer, but I do have to put consistency and accuracy first.  When development "slows down" I may revisit the videos, but for the moment I'm afraid I have to concentrate on the text ones.
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