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Open Drawer, read document

Hi there. I've a question in two parts. I'm trying to create an interaction in which I click on a document and can read it. I've done this by creating a hotspot, which references an interaction as per tutorials. This interaction uses Action Type Menu to change the state menu.

1. Once the image is displayed, I can't seem to hide/turn off the document despite my using an Input: Check list to check for a key press in an actionlist.

2. Secondly (once the above is working), I only want to be able to read a document (that is contained within a drawer) only once the drawer is open. I assume I need to query the state of the drawer, but any guidance would be appreciated.



  • 1. Any Input: Check Action would need to be looping in on itself it it returns False, so that it is continually waiting for the input.  However, this is cumbersome and not 100% reliable.  For this purpose, you can make use of Active Inputs, which you can use to run ActionLists when a specific input is pressed.  These are covered in Section 2.14 of the Manual, but a practical example is shown at this part of the 3D tutorial.

    2. One way to do it would be to create a local boolean variable that you use to determine the open/close state of the drawer.  However, you could also create two "Use" interactions on the Hotspot and only have one enabled at a time (the first opens the drawer, the second reads the document).  You can use the Hotspot: Change interaction Action to enable/disable individual Interactions on a Hotspot.
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