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Pop up box text, xml, formatted text, etc.

So I'm finding myself hunting for solutions to simply put a pop up text box on screen with formatted text (bold, italics, etc.). Currently, the closest I've come within AC is to make an offscreen NPC that has no audio file. I would then send that dialogue text to a menu. The problem I'm having is that I can't do any type of rich text formatting. It would be super cool to have some way to either...

A. Have it as an action and be able to edit it right in the action editor without having to have any character attached.
B. Pull all of the text from an xml document (this way, other people working on the project can make edits external to Unity). 

Anyways, this is what I'm attempting to solve at the moment.


  • Requests have been made for better formatting options. Thank you for the suggestion.
  • I've been looking into this, and .. it already seems to be a feature!  Are you using the latest Unity release?  Rich text seems to work just fine in menus: try setting a label's text to "<b>This is in bold</b>".

    More rich text syntax can be found on Unity's page here - it seems to work just fine with the menu system.

  • OK, i will check it out. I ended up using Datamaker XML with Playmaker and creating a system that just pulls my on screen text from an external XML. It loads the text from a cutscene ID that I set with a global variable. It works out really well and allows people on my team to edit the text while I work. With that said, it would be super cool if Adventure Creator had some sort of method to have a naming convention of external resource files (audio files and text) based on their cutscene or something. Maybe I'm just being a special basket case because I'm not actually making an adventure game. I'm finding great use in AC for creating eLearning courseware. It's really a great tool.
  • NogNog
    edited March 2015
    Hello joshuabogart

    I just read that you used Datamaker XML to create on screen text for your game. Could you explain how you accomplished this? 
    Do I have the correct format for an XML file here:
    <dialog01> "What is this place?" </dialog01>
    <dialog02> "Who are you?" </dialog02>
    <dialog03> "Hey! Wait!" </dialog03>
    <dialog04> "Is this some kind of game?" </dialog04>
    I am able to pull dialog from the above text by using the XPath Query //xml/dialog/ dialog02. However, the dialog is displayed like this on the Unity GUI Text:
    <dialog02> "Who are you?" </dialog02>

    How would I go about just displaying the text without the XML handles?

    Thank you for any help on this matter.

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