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LoadingScreen doesn't work?

Hi, I am using AC 1.50i but I can't manage to make the loadingscreenwork. By that I mean that the loadscene does load, but the camera doesn't render. It is just a black screen. In the scene window I can see however that it is the correct scene. What can I do?


  • Now using AC 1.51B but I can't make the loadingscreen work. Maybe I understand something wrong, I just made a loadingScene and put it in the buildsettings. Do I need to put the loading scene multiple times between scenes? It would make sence if that is the reason why it doesn't work.Still weird I can see it in the scene but not in the gamewindow.
  • isn't there a checkbox or something in the settings tab to use it?
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    Thats the point, that doesn't work. Whatever way, asynchronously or not, won't work either way, I just get a black screen inside the GameWindow.
  • Does your load scene contain an AC GameEngine prefab?  If so, try removing it.  It sounds like the MainCamera isn't fading into the new scene.  Please post shots of the Action you're using to change scene, and of the relevent settings in the Settings Manager.
  • That did the trick Chris! Removing the GameEngine prefab worked. However, a few things to notice: if I don't tick asynchronously the animation in my loadingscreen won't animate. It still loads correctly though. But if I tick asyncronously it does animate so that was what I was looking for. 
  • If you remove the Gameengine prefab then you get this: 

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    AC.SceneChanger.PrepareSceneForExit ()

    So it's either black screen load or not load at all I'm afraid.
  • @face_mcgace: Which version of AC are you using?  If not v1.52a, please update and try again.  If the error persists, please post the full message as it appears in the Console window - the line numbers will be needed to solve the issue.
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