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Image effects not working anymore correctly with the 2.5D camera

When I used Unity 5.2 with AC 1.49 (the latest version) I had no problem with the image effects whatsoever on my main camera with my 2.5D camera's attached from AC. However, I just discovered while using Unity 5.3 and AC 1.50i that the image effects mess up the 2.5D background image. I am not sure if this has to do with AC or Unity itself but it is a big problem. 
Will AC's update to version 1.51 fix this problem?


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    Not knowing what those image effects are, or in what way they aren't working I can't say either.  You should upgrade anyway - though be sure to backup your project and read the upgrade notest from v1.50 and v1.51.
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    Bloom from Sonic Ether, Sun shafts, but it doesn't seem to matter which image effect. It's a problem with the HDR that causes the camera to make a strange square or become completely black. I first thought it had something to do with deffered or forward path rendering but that doesn't seem to be the issue. 

    They are only on the main camera in the 2.5D AC environment btw.
    To put it more simple: a hdr effect in AC 2.5D environment doesn't seem to be possible. Or it is because of Unity 5.3.1. I dont know. They do work without the 2.5D camera without a problem.
  • An easy way to check would be to take the MainCamera, make a new prefab out of it, drop it into a new scene and remove the MainCamera script - does it then work?
  • Unfortunately no, its the same problem... So the problem is the Depth of Clear Flags, if it's set to Skybox the problem is not there anymore. But.... AC works with Depth so... what can I do?
  • AC indeed requires that Clear flags is set to Depth when using 2.5D cameras.  This is set on line 305 of MainCamera.cs (latest release).  You could comment this line out to prevent this enforcement, but it may/may not continue to work as intended.
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    If I comment that out I lose my 2d picture so... It has to be set to Depth but it can't be with the image effects. The image effects make this scene really alive so thats a pity.
  • The 2.5D camera is more of a convenience than anything.  You can use a 3D camera when you want to use the image effect (just drag the prefab in: /Assets/AdventureCreator/Prefabs/Camera/GameCamera), though you'll have to convert your background image into a physical plane in 3D space.
  • For now I just leave off the hdr effect, and use the color correction curve and the new tonemapping and colorgrading. That gives not the same results unfortunately, but still the same quality results.

    It is still strange that Unity changed something with 5.3.1 that messed up the multiple camera setup with depth. I find it a pity!
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    One last thing about this subject: my cutscenes are in 3D, deffered/linear path. My game is in 2.5D and has a forward/gamma path. It also doesn't seem possible in Unity to change the colorspace in realtime. I did from script but it doesn't work properly. So for now, everything is in deffered/linear path, which also gave me some work. It's almost impossible to get the same results with linear path in the 2.5D picture setup.
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