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Possible bug: player stops walking sometimes



  • And the SettingsManager of AC:

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    PS: In this setup (without all the extra scripts from final IK), the npc still won't walk randomly on action 11 (see 13 april above here) of the cutscene that I run from the OnStart cutscene. It may not happen in the Editor but it finally will happen anyway in the builded version. Since this doesn't seem to be the case in the Editor aswell in final build with Brain , it definately is a problem with the Mecanim setup (which I don't have problems with during gameplay in which I have the same setup) or something else. 
  • Yes, I'll agree this looks to be a Mecanim issue.

    Create a duplicate project and remove everything except for the scene, the NPC+graphics, and within the scene remove all Interactions / logic etc save for the two Cutscenes that cause the issue.  Then when the file size is reduced to the minimum export it as a .unitypackage (exclude AC), PM it to me with instructions on which Cutscene to trigger / how to see the issue.
  • Will do that, but it will take sometime since my project is HUGE. It's a shame selecting dependencies doesn't really seem to be the solution, I got an error, because it would be very fast. 
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