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the autosave action

what slot of the save does that fill?

it it 0 ?


  • Yeah, according to the manual:

    9.3 - AUTOSAVING

    Save slot “0” is reserved for Autosaving, and will appear as such in the in-game Save
    and Load menus.

    Autosaves can be made via Cutscenes. At the top of a Cutscene's inspector, tick the
    Auto-save after running? box to save the game automatically once the Cutscene has
    run. Be aware that this will only occur if the Cutscene does not “branch off” onto
    another Cutscene object. That is, none of the Actions within the Cutscene are set to
    Run Cutscene in their After running field.

    Script functions to programatically-load an auto-save, and others, can be found in
    section 12.7.
  • ok thanks

    and do you know if this is also true for prefab UI, and no AC standard setup?
  • The autosave's "slot zero" is independent of any menu it's listed in.
  • ok thanks

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