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Menu - cant see a canvas

edited April 2016 in Technical Q&A

Doing my own inventory ui and when i try to drag a canvas in to the linked cavas slot. 

It wont let me. The rect boundary still works tho.

I have other ui's that are ok and linked, but for some reason, so trying to relink the working ones, i cant re insert these into a canvas slot either anymore either.

It looks like the canvas slot bit of code has broken. Can you tell me where the code is, or even the file that contains this code so i can try and import the file again, in-case unity/my pc corrupted the file or something



  • Managed to link it. but not sure how to get the animations of the inventory to pan down and go back up when mouse over/off

  • For anyone else wondering about this: the Canvas slot only accepts prefabs, not one present in a scene.

    See section 11.3 for how to add animations to a Unity UI-based Menu.  You can also find an example in Assets / AdventureCreator / UI / AnimatedMenu_Example.
  • This is exactly what it was, i was trying to drag the one in scene in to the slot.

    Got other issues with it but left it for now :P

    Will post new threads for them at a later date.
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