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Menu Transitions

edited May 2016 in Technical Q&A

I got a slight issue i cant figure a way to get around whats happening. I should note that I got the pause menu menu to NOT pause when enabled.

Press escape on the keyboard to bring up pause menu.

Click Options (works)

Now, if you press escape on the keyboard, it displays the pause menu over the options menu (instead of i guess cross-fading back to the pause menu)

If the set 'pause when enables is checked' it does exactly that, it goes back to the pause menu from the options

should note apply button work.

I tried locking the menu when options is enabled using the action-list when turn on and unlocked it again using action-list for turn off, but that didn't work at all, said menu cant show since it was locked.

hope you know what i mean, if not i will supply video.


  • If you're playing around with the properties of the Pause Menu(s), you may need to change the Buttons that link them to run ActionLists instead of merely Crossfading.

    Try creating an ActionList that contains two Menu: Change state Actions that explicitly turn the Options Menu off, and the Pause Menu on respectively.  You can then run this ActionList when the Back button is clicked.
  • I'll give it a whirl. 

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