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Remembering music when saving / loading

Hello! Been a while since I posted here. The Last Time is in beta!

I'm having problems getting music to work when reloading scenes - it's fine when the music started playing in the scene that's being loaded, but the difficulty arises when I have music playing over multiple scenes, and the game is loaded at a point after the player has left the scene where the music began. Putting 'remember sound' scripts on the relevant sound objects has not fixed this. Is there an easy way of fixing this?

Many thanks,



  • Good to have you back Daniel!

    AC received a new music system in v1.51, that makes it simple to play and load music tracks.  See a video about it here.
  • Thanks, Chris - the update to AC looks amazing, exactly what it needed! 
  • Hi @ChrisIceBox - have updated AC, the feature looks great - one problem though, is that when 'stopping' music, it doesn't let you specify which music track you're stopping, which is something I need to do if I have multiple layers playing and only want to stop a specific layer. Is this something achievable with the current features?
  • The music feature works on the assumption that only one track plays at a time, so no - you'd have to play the track on a regular Sound object if you want it to play alongside another track.
  • Understood, thanks Chris! :)
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