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What is the best way to load a scene? Questions..

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So, this is a very basic question but also one of the most fundemental importance.
Together with it there are arising some other questions regarding this subject.

(In my case, the game I am making is in 2.5D)

1.  How to avoid long loading times? In other words: how big may a scene be?
2. Should I load per scene, or should I load per multiple scenes, and if so, how many? (One scene in my case, I see as one picture).
3. About the loadingscreen in AC: As loadingscreen I have a black screen with a 3D object that rotates. I would like it to continue rotating as the progress of loading continues. However, the object stops already with rotating after 1 second or so. How can I make it so it stays rotating untill the next scene is loaded?

Thanks in advance!



  • 1) This is a general Unity question, not specific to AC.  You may be better off asking on the Unity forums for this one.
    2) Could you reword that?  I don't understand this question.
    3) Is the animation set to loop?  It may be that Unity requires a freeze when changing heavy scenes, which isn't something that can be controlled.
  • In 2 I think he is probably talking about preloading scenes. point number 3 I'm probably going to have to research it myself, I using full 3D and I've noticed when I hit new game, that the game hangs for a while, as if frozen, before I even get the loading bar...
  • 1. I agree, sorry for asking it here.
    2. Let's say one prerendered picture counts as one area of the whole scene. How many area's should I have per scene? I think something like 5 or 6. (There are not many polygons in my scene, except for the character and the NPC's)
    3. Yes, animation is set to loop, but it freezes from time to time. It's not a catastrophe but it just looks weird. Like loading a loading screen...@Alverik I think we talk about the same problem here.
  • 2) 5 or 6 sounds right to me - the whole point of 2.5D mode is to allow multiple cameras/backgrounds in one scene, and the performance from each camera is minimal.  Only polycount / navmesh size is the performance decider - which is true of any scene.

    3) Preloading scenes is an alternative to using an intermediate loading screen.  Note that because of the way Unity works, you can't do both - if you want to preload scenes, you have to disable loading screens - but smart use of preloading may mean you can do without them.
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