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Navmesh does not show up


I am trying to use a navmesh created directly in unity with adventure creator scene tools. When I add the navmesh to my scnee it shows there but it is not viisble, and I cant resize it also.

I can work fine with unity navigation with navmesh segments..but with mesh colision its not showing up the navmesh..

Any ideas on this?


  • Are you having trouble baking the NavMesh, or using it for AC movement?  If the first, you're probably better off asking on the Unity forums.  If the second, post screenshots to show what you've already got and tried.
  • Hello,

    Basically what I thought I could do is just from the menu click on NavMesh and just resize it to use with AC. Much like you do with navMeshSegments. you just click, resize and you can use them.

    Do navMesh need to be baked previously always?

    Best regards
  • If you're using Unity Navigation for your pathfinding, then you always need to bake your NavMesh - even if you're using NavMeshSegments.  If you want to avoid baking, you can instead rely on the MeshCollider method, as covered by this tutorial.
  • Yeah what I meant is that I cant use the mesh collider method because I dont see the mesh..Do I need a premade mesh? Or can I create one directly in AC?
  • You can't make a new mesh in AC or Unity.  You create one in an external 3D tool such as Blender and import it - this is how the mesh in the 3D Demo is made.
  • Okay gotcha. Thank you!;)
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