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Aspect ratio/screen resolution problem

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Hello there dear people! 

I am scratching my head some weeks now about this subject. I have 3 cameras in my scene. 2 cameras (the Main Camera of AC and the LookAtCamera) seem to work well and project everything I want to and they also resize correctly with the resolution of the screen (4:3, 3:2, 16:10, 16:9). The native full screen resolution of my game is set to 16:9 with an aspect ration of 1.77777. But when it comes to the camera with my shadows (a non-AC camera), this camera only functions correctly in the 16:9 ratio. When I change the resolution of the screen the shadow camera stays in the same resolution, thus in 16:9. So my question is: why does this happen? Is it normal for a camera that is set to Depth with Clear Flags, that the native resolution is not changable anymore? I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I thank you very much!! (I know that this is actually a Unity question so sorry in advance, but the Unity members don't seem to give me any answer now since sometime so that is also why)


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    Still I can't find the solution to this problem. So: dynamic sky. and  shadows in a 2.5D game seems not possible. If anyone here has shadows or a dynamic sky in his or her 2.5D game, please tell me how you did it. I am practically working on it since 3 weeks, trying all little trick with Camera layers etc etc but it isn't possible. Oh, and if I try 3D, my game is only playable in 16:9 resolution, which is not an option for me.
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    The sky setup I can make work in 3D but if I want shadows I raise into problems because the shadows need to be on my Base camera (if I put them on the Base Camera, the planes are visible). It is a problem because your Game can't be played in multiple resolutions because the Depth layer won't scale with it but stays in the same place. I also tried another shader but it is exactly the same problem. A transparent plane with shadows only seems to be possible if there is a second camera which is set to Depth in Unity as it seems. A camera that only likes one resolution! This is ackward!
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    Problem solved! How? I sticked with the 2.5D setup. I have the shadows and the sky. The solution was to cover the sky,  place the same background sprites as normal sprites in the same position. How simple can a solution be?
  • Glad to hear it.
  • I tried to do some research about your problem. But i found this. Well it looks like a relevant. Please view if it's correct.
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    Thanks, @MobileGameGraphics but my problem was more of a technical problem. Not really what to do, but HOW to do it. It really depends on what you do in Unity, and has it's specific approuch in order to achieve a setup that doesn't mess with your scenes and keeps the resolution in the same aspect ratio or width/height. Since I develop for Desktop, it must fit all resolutions, and in the way my setup is now it thankfully does. It also says so in what you posted.
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