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Parallax 2D Top Down mode still NOT working

So, I wrote a back in march about my parallax in 2D top down mode not working.  Chris wrote me and told me this:

I tried what he said, yet the parallax 2D component still doesn't work.  No matter what I do, what I click... nothing.  

I'm running the latest version of UNITY 5.3.5f1 and the latest version of Adventure Creator 1.51g. 

I have the game in Top Down mode and I'm using the Unity Navigation method.  I'm sure that this is not a bug, and so is Chris, but honestly, I'm at a loss at this point.  I feel like I've tried everything.  But maybe it's something simple.  Is there an issue with the Perspective Camera and Parallax scrolling?  Something like that?  I dunno. 

I've attached screen shots of all the related (and possibly related) components.  If anybody has any ideas PLEASE, I'd love to hear them.  


- Jeremy








  • You made no mention of using "Top Down" mode in your last post.  Does the MainCamera object physically move in your scene?  IIRC, the camera simply shifts it's perspective, rather than changes its position, as the target it follows moves around the scene.  The Parallax2D component, as I said earlier, depends on the MainCamera's position.

    If you switch to Unity 2D mode instead, which is the recommended method of working in 2D anyway, you should find it works.  Otherwise, you can duplicate the Parallax2D component and amend it to work with the MainCamera's projectionMatrix instead of position.
  • Awesome Chris! Thank you for responding. I'm sure it will work too. I'm on vacation at the moment with my wife and family, but I'll do exactly what you said as soon as I get back.

    To answer your question, yes, the main camera does move positions as the character moves around the scene.

    Does it matter what type of camera (orthographic, perspective) you use in the different modes (top down, Unity 2D, 2.5D etc.)? In the 2D demo you use the orthographic camera, is this obligatory? If the parallax2D component doesn't work in Top Down mode, I assume other components may also be incompatible. So then, what would be the benefit of working Top Down mode?

    I'm excited to get home, work in Unity 2D mode and get that parallax component working. I really appreciate your dedication to your product and forum. Thanks.
  • Top Down mode was created as an interim before Unity's 2D features were released (long ago!), and relies on 3D physics / components to work.  Since then, Unity 2D is now the standard and expected 2D mode, so you should definitely switch to that if you're able to.  The 2D tutorial video is available to watch here.
  • Thanks Chris. That really clears things up for me. Great!
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