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2.5D Game - How to cast shadows on invisble mesh objects


I am trying to make 2.5D game using 2D background, 3D characters and 3D room objects.
i want to use the 3D objects only as colliders and for shading and to invisble there mesh in order to use the 2D background as a texture for them.

I have 2 questions:
1. how to cast a shadow on the room objects if there mesh are invisble?
2. do i have to crop an images of the objects from the 2D background in order to mask my character when he move behind them?


  • Welcome to the forum, @Adventure4Life.

    Have a look at the 2.5D tutorial - both of these issue are covered as part of it.  1) involves importing a custom shader that handles this (this is a Unity issue, not one specific to AC), while 2) yes, you have to create cutouts of parts of the scene you want the player to be placed under.
  • In this tutorial, after adding the pillar mask the shadow of the character is not shown on it
    only on the visible mesh like the floor
  • The mask uses a sprite, and the default Sprite shader.  You would need to find a new shader that allows the casting of shadows from 3D models onto sprites - but this is an issue on the Unity side of things, rather than Adventure Creator.
  • Thanks for your answer @ChrislceBox i will start looking for this specific shader, it is necessary for creating 2.5D games 
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