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Hotpots not visible in the bottem left side of the screen

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I thought I would figure this out, but since I am stuck for a month on this issue I have to ask what causes this. I created an empty scene and the same problem occures. Every hotspot is visible except for 1 16th of the screen (left under in the corner). My settings are the normal ones that come with AC:  Cursor proximity factor: 4, Hotspot ray length: 1000, when changing the Hotspot ray length to 5000 nothing changes. I use AC 1.51b and Unity 5.3.1f1. I know I need to update but I first want to make this version of my game's demo as perfect as I can.  (My game is in 2.5D, point and click)


  • Is it the same portion of the screen that's taken up by the default InGame Menu?  If it isn't showing, have you locked it or have you just cleared the graphics/text?
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    That was the solution! How could I be so dumb? Thanks Chris! 

    EDIT: Yes, I made the text of the buttons invisible but the Menu wasn't locked off, thus blocking the Gameplay view.
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