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Remove empty slots from inventory


I am using inventory menu from the demo, but when i am doing combination of items in my inventory
the empty slot remains, 

inventory setting:
Source: Adventure Creator
inventoryBox setting:
When slot is empty: Disable Object

i do not know how to attach screenshot to my post (it required URL...)



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    Screenshots of the Menu in-game, the Menu's properties, and the Settings Manager will be necessary.  As advised in the forum rules, you can upload images to any image-sharing site -, for example.
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    i used AC v1.53 and i saw you released new version yesterday. i updated and now it works! thanks

    there is option to use the active FX cursor of inventory item when hovering hotspot?
  • It should happen normally, though you've checked "Include Inventory items in Hotspot Interaction menus?".  This would mean inventory items are not selected and then used as a cursor - try unchecking this option if you want to do that.
  • you are right, normally it working, but this case is true when you not set the cursor (optional) for the item.
    when doing so you have only one icon for the cursor..
    can you please add to the AC option of working with cursor for the selected item that not hovered hotspot BUT also to use different icon for it when hovering hotspot?
  • Sorry, could you illustrate that with screenshots or greater detail?  I don't understand what you mean exactly, and don't want to get the wrong idea.
  • image

    could you make an option for the Cursor (marked with red rectangle in the image above)
    to be like Main\Active graphic (marked with blue rectangle in the image above)
    so you have two icons for cursor - Main and Active and when you hover the cursor on an hotspot it will use the icon of an Active otherwise, it will use the Main.
    This is necessary when the inventory item icon is different than the cursor like in the image above (different size)
  • To do that, you'll want to use an animated cursor - basically a two-frame graphic (normal and active side-by-side), and then use the "Animate?" controls.  It ought to animate only when hovering over a Hotspot - though I've just found that for some reason it now shows the whole graphic when it's not animating.

    This is a bug which will be fixed in the next release, but the method I've described will be the same.
  • Yes, Thank you Chris!
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    The bug of empty slots mentioned in this post return again in version 1.53b :-(
    the screenshots are the same as those attached in this post.
    you can use version 1.53a as a reference, this bug was resolved there..
  • I'm afraid you will need to post more detail about the original problem - I didn't ask for more last time because it was fixed before I could find out more.

    I'm having trouble recreating this, as I don't know what your interaction is.  Are you removing an inventory item and adding in another?  Please show exactly what the Inventory looks like before and after the problem occurs.

    Also try replacing your Settings and Inventory Managers with the Demo game's.  If it then works, we may be able to narrow down the problem.
  • o.k i use your advice to narrow the problem and found that the option marked in red in the picture below cause the problem when checked.. i don't think when this option selected and combine items in the inventory by removing the two items and adding new item that empty slots should be remain. 
  • Good, we're getting there.  However, I still need to see the exact sequence of Actions you're performing as well as shots of what the inventory looks like before and after.  As I've said, I haven't been able to recreate the issue and need more detai.

    Alternatively, you can PM me your Manager assets, your Inventory item graphics, and the ActionList asset that performs the combine, and I will try to use them on my end.  Please leave all other unnecessary assets out of the .unitypackage file, however.
  • i will try to explain with screenshots:

    1. inventory before action made


    2. use spear on rag

    3.the spear and rag removed. new item (spear wrapped with rag) has been added (orange circle), BUT empty slot remain (blue circle)


    combine item action list:

  • I'm afraid to say that that's the correct behaviour.  When you enable the "Items can be reordered in Menu?" option in the Settings Manager, it means that Inventory items are no longer required to remove empty spaces in between them - so that you can re-arrange them in any empty slot you wish.

    If you want to remove that space, just uncheck that option and all will display as you intend.
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