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Madness sale now on, and community wiki!

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As part of Unity's Madness sale, AC is now on offer at the reduced price of $39!  The sale will last until September 2nd, so if you're looking to get started on those grand plans to make the best adventure game ever, now's the time!

Some of the new features since the last sale back in January include:
  • An updated 3D demo with new graphics and workflow
  • Scene additivity
  • Animator state saving
  • A new music system
  • Custom events and extended API
AC's continued development and support is dependent on sales like this, so please consider sharing the news with friends and those you think might like it.  Reviews are always also very welcome.

Onto more exciting news, we've started a community wiki!  Unlike the official tutorials and documentation, this will be a user-hub where anyone can contribute their own AC tips, tricks and extensions.  If you've written some code or found a nifty trick when working with AC, you can let everyone know here!  Big thanks are in order for @Alverik, for his hard work getting this started.


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    Wholly wow! Such a reduced price. Too bad I'm in an economical slump right now, else I'd get one of those =((. Such a low price, anyone'd want several licenses B-). Specially if you're hoping to grow, (although I'm not there yet anyways lol). Still, I'll try to spread the word to some of my acquaintances and anyone that crosses my path. This is a big chance.  ;)  
  • Great news  =D>
  • Wow this sale is crazy. Sadly I got most of the stuff I need, but if I waited for this I would probably have saved a couple of hundred dollars.
  • I've been looking at the list and there's some cool stuff, but I think, if I had the money, I would just pick Adventure Creator :). Well, and maybe beautify and the isometric pack (and just maybe the multistory dungeons). Curvy and Curved world also look interesting but I don't know if I'd actually ever use them at all, lol.
  • Any chance AC will go on sale again in the near future? :) 
  • @WikiAdam - There's never too much of a gap in-between sales, so I expect it will be again in a while.
  • @WikiAdam Just pay the regular price. It's worth more. It will be fun.
  • another sale before Christmas will be nice!!!
  • Any chance it will be discounted on black friday sale?
  • I'm working on having it on a sale this year, but it won't be the black friday one.  Please be aware that it is also a decision that Unity makes, so it's not done entirely to me.
  • Thank you for information, but i sadly need it now for university assainment so i cant wait that long. Doesnt adventure creator have any student discount or maybe way to purchase directly, becouse european price is way higher than us price thanks to vat
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    The Asset Store doesn't have a student-discount option, but the sale I'm referring to begins in November.
  • I am definitely buying in November! 
  • image

    AC is now 50% off
    as part of Unity's Mega Sale!
  • I just bought it. Thanks!
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