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Game is all working great.

But if i saved my game, and then exit. Loading that save will make the screen go black while its loading. Looks like game has stopped responding, but is loading (eventually when complete - its a big level)

And ideas how to stop the blackness when pressing load game.


  • Little update:

    I noticed that there is a checkbox that says Load when clicked on, of the save-list under the load part of a menu.

    So i did that, and got it so a variable is stored (depending what load slot was clicked) and then camera switches (has loading image in front of it)

    The last part, which is load game using slot index from variable, is not working.

    The variable is being set, so its the menu with save list and/or the savelist element.

    Screenshot showing the load action

    Screenshot showing the menu
  • If you want to show a loading message or screen while loading a scene, there are options available in the Settings Manager - see Section 9.6 of the Manual.  A tutorial on creating a "loading bar" can also be found here.
  • I migrated away from AC loading screen as the situation was not right for it. Now using my own.
  • Hey,

    So do the connections in the menus look ok? To me it does, and have same issue with controller support with the connections, but thats not a concern right now anyway.

    I got an idea on how to get this working, but would need your help XD

    A variable sets when i click a slot.

    So if i then go to a new loading scene and do the code AC does to load a specific slot using that variable (like it does now  - but without asking for a menu) that should work.

    Where is this load code?

    And can you think of a reason why this would not work ?
  • It looks all right to me.  Do you get any warnings in the Console, and is the variable correct in the Variables Manager (check Show realtime values? to see their values during gameplay).

    You can load an AC save through code by using the AC.SaveSystem.LoadGame static function.
  • Thanks, yeah the variable is correct.

    I will have a look into that load.
  • Hi Chris

    In my load scene i have this

      public void Start()
          //  slot = AC.GlobalVariables.GetIntegerValue(61);


    It doesnt seem to load anything though, nothing ever happens.

    any idea why this function would not trigger?
  • Is your GameEngine present in the scene, and do the two print statements appear?

    It may be that AC is still initialising at this point.  Try placing the code in a function that is invoked a second or so after starting to see if this is the case.
  • It does work.

    Thing is, when the save game is loaded, screen goes black, there are way to stop is going black while its loading?

    Tried this other way - having a new scene and loading game that way, but soon as code is ran, black screen.

    does the load funtionality contain a bit of code that makes the screen black while it loads?
  • It does - objects take a moment to load their correct positions, so a black screen is necessary to mask this.
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