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Moving characters through colliders in cutscenes

I was attempting today to make a character try and climb a wall in a short cutscene, then slide back down. I don't have animations for it yet, and am simply trying to move my placeholder Player character up and down along a path. 

The wall I want them to climb is beyond the bounds of the wall collider (since I don't want the player to be able to walk up the wall outside of this interaction). I'm in a 2D scene with direct control, using an edge collider to set the boundaries of the scene.

My issue is, no matter how I seem to try and accomplish this climb-fall sequence (either with move-to-marker commands in an action list or creating a path for the player to move along), they get caught up on the scene collision. I've managed to get the wall collider to turn off via the "remove object" action list, but trying to re-add it after the cutscene was over did not work.

I have a sneaking suspicion that there is some easier method to doing this that I'm overlooking, but haven't been able to find any similar tutorials of Q&A. I remember in the 2D tutorial that you set the character to teleport through a collider, but that happened off-screen. Am I missing something obvious?


  • Teleporting will force an object to a new position, but moving it over time will cause it to react to Unity's physics system.  This isn't an issue unique to AC, and is more related to just the way Unity works.  But, you have a few options:
    1. Move the wall collider out of the way, rather than remove it.  It's possible to bring it back by placing a prefab of it within a Resources asset folder, but that's more complicated - just give it a Moveable component and use the Object: Transform Action to move it.
    2. Have your character's animation only affect the position of the player's sprite child, leaving the position of the root object the same.  This would give the appearance of them climbing, but without the physicality.
    3. Use a custom Action to make the player's collider a Trigger.
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