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The Last Time has been released on Steam!

Couldn't have done it without AC. The Last Time is on Steam now :)

If you'd like to check it out, go to



  • Contratulations!
  • Yeah, it looks very nice!
  • Thanks guys :)
  • Playing it now - great job!

  • Instantly bought, since the pricetag is really really really nice :D
    Nicely done!
  • Important message to all AC users: go play this game right now - this is how it's done!!!
  • Gorgeous soundtrack this game has, and great Sierra-style humour.
  • I bought it and finished it in one sitting. It was a blast! I totally agree: all AC users should play this game right now.
  • I would be really interested to get some small write up by the creators, covering as much as possible from planning to the final release.
    No idea how "small" this would really be, but I think it would be a good source for learning things when it comes to release small adventures!
  • There's a blog on the developer's site here:

    Haven't checked the old entries recently, but if I remember correctly, he stresses the importance of having as much as possible of the game logic running as early as possible, before spending too much time on art assets and writing final dialogue.

    Perhaps just common sense, but true none the less - it makes it possible to evaluate timing and catch gameplay problems at an early stage before getting too attached to stuff that should really just go on the cutting room floor. 
  • Hey everyone - sorry for the late reply, didn't see the notifications until now.

    Thanks for your encouragement and support! :)

    As for a write up of how things were done - that would indeed be long, but I'm happy to answer questions if you've got any! My main advice would be to make a mini adventure game to familiarise yourself with the process, before moving on to make a larger game - you'll learn a lot from your mistakes about planning, development etc.
  • Looks like a fun little project. Congratz on making it into steam!
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