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NPC saving issues

I have a scene with an NPC (created with the NPC wizard). When the player leaves the scene the NPC will also "leave". I do this with "Object > Remove". Before leaving though, I save my game.

At a later point, the player must return to this scene, and I make sure to hide the NPC using a variable (ie. "has visited scene?" is true). This seems to work fine. I can also save and load this point with the NPC remaining gone.

However, if I load the save from the previous point, where the NPC was still present, he is no longer in the scene.

What am I doing wrong?


  • We'll need to see more detail with regards to your components and Actions in order to know specifically what the problem is, but it's generally much easier to simply move the NPC out of camera view rather than remove him from the scene entirely.  Otherwise you have to worry about making him a prefab, placing him in a Resources folder, and attaching the RememberTransform component.

    Make sure he has the RememberNPC component, and try just teleporting him out of the way.  It's also probably easier to hide him when entering the scene, instead of when leaving it.
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