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Updating to the latest Adventure Creator version

How big of a problem is it if I update to the latest version of Adventure Creator in Unity 5.3.4f1?


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    The number 1 lesson is ALWAYS backup your project first when updating, just in case something goes wrong.

    Here's the text on updating taken from the manual:

    "Upon updating, Adventure Creator will revert the manager asset references (see section
    1.3) to the Demo game's set. You can avoid this by not importing the References asset
    when you import the update – the References asset is found in your Assets →
    AdventureCreator → Resources folder.

    If the manager asset references are replaced, however, it is simple to change them
    back to your own game's: if you used the New Game Wizard to create your managers, a
    ManagerPackage asset file would have been created in your game's folder. Simply
    select the asset, and either double-click on it, or click on Assign managers within its
    Inspector to re-assign your own game's manager asset files."
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    Thank you for the thorough explanation, though: I do backup my project, I already did it for 10 times because of the different versions but I was just wondering, since the new light system in Unity 5.4 is a no go area for me at this point, if Chris counted on you on using Unity 5.4 for the new Adventure Creator Updates or if this doesn't matter if you still use, like in my case, Unity 5.3.4f. 
  • Well, to be honest I've noticed there's usually a bigger chance of breaking something in a project when updating Unity. And as you mentioned, yes, the baking system has changed a bit. It's better than before. But if you update Unity it will break all you old light maps, you'll be forced to redo them all (happened to me...). But as far as AC, AFAIK it should work regardless of the version. The best thing to do though, would be to do the update in a copy of the project to see how well it fares. If too much needs to be changed just go back to your original project.
  • AC is currently made available for three versions of Unity: 4.6.8, 5.3.4 and 5.4.0 - though versions in-between should work as well.
  • @Alverik Thanks Alverik, the reason I asked it here is indeed because I noticed the lighting system is changed. And thanks to @ChrisIceBox, that was what I wanted to know!
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