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Issues with uploads

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So, this is a bit weird. I have my game on I use 7-zip to zip the build files. Everything is fine with the files and game until you download it from itch. There are at least three issues I'm seeing that only occur from this downloaded version (that is exactly the same file before its uploaded /downloaded). 

1) The main menu has an image with a sprite sheet animation, set within the menu. In the downloaded version, it plays insanely fast / light speed, rather than the slower paced flickering it's set up to do. 

2) There's a menu that is locked until a certain point in the game (you press shift to bring up a walkie talkie), however in the downloaded version this menu is unlocked right from the start. I did put in a workaround for this one though I haven't tested it yet. 

3) When there's a save state, a button "Continue" appears on the main menu. In my file there is no save and the Continue button is hidden properly - in the download, there is now a save state, if you hit continue it's mid way through the game. 

Any ideas as to why this is happening? These things aren't total game breakers but it's enough to take away from the experience. 


  • It doesn't sound right that the location from which you download your zip file would affect the game, but issue 3 would be related to save game files which are stored using Application.persistentDataPath, which is in a separate location on your computer to the location of the game's executable (see here).  Therefore it's possible that you could be reading a save file from a previous time you tested the game on your machine.

    I would, however, recommend trying to upload your file somewhere else, say DropBox, and downloading from there, and also uploading the non-zipped files and trying that.  Basically to find out at what point the change is occuring.
  • Ah, that makes sense for the saved data! I originally saw a youtuber doing a let's play and when they booted it had the "continue" - then when I tested it, I didn't clear the save on my laptop (usually using my desktop). Going back to watch the youtube vid now, he does mention that he started a file before. 

    So, the change appears to be happening when the zipped file is downloaded in general and not specifically from itch. 

    I used Dropbox all during development to transfer the project between my desktop and laptop and never saw a problem with the un-zipped. I just tested the zipped over google drive and it produced the same/unwanted/weird changes. Could the compression and extraction process somehow be changing something? 

    I can just make the main menu static, so it's not giving people seizures ha. Just such a weird issue. 
  • It sounds like it, but again it doesn't sound quite right.  If it is, I expect it'll be more of a Unity issue rather than one specific to AC, however.  Not sure what to suggest, other than to try providing an executable installer instead of a zip file.
  • Yeah, I thought it was pretty bizarre. I wasn't sure if it'd be Unity or AC thing since I'm using the AC menus. I'll post something in the Unity forums, see if anyone there has any ideas. 

    Btw, thanks for all your help, Chris! I appreciate the dedication to supporting your software.
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