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When going back to a scene that AC has already placed/generated an inventory in the scene a second time, the inventory doesn't get created, it don't appear in the scene at all. 

Any ideas?


  • Sorry, you're going to have to re-phrase that.  What do you mean by placing or generating inventory - as in adding item's to the player's inventory?  Screenshots will help to illustrate the problem more clearly, and also please post the versions of Unity and AC you're using.
  • Version 1.51g

    Let me try this again XD

    I mean what AC does by placing the ui's in the scene and then turning them off.

    When i load a scene - call it scene A (has inventoryui in scene but turned off)
    Going to next scene - call it scene B (has inventoryui in scene but turned off)

    However, if i then go back to scene A - (inventoryui not in scene at all)

    In addition, I should note that my current set up is FPS and I am loading the scenes at start using the change scene (dont change scene, just preload data), and then switch when needed.

    So, going going back to a scene, has no ui instantiated by AC.

    Hope that makes more sense....  

    Im not turning off any menus, or locking them either, so not sure why this is happening.
  • The InventoryUI prefab itself is not present in the scene?  And your Menu's Source is Unity Ui Prefab?  What happens if you skip the preloading?

    Again, in what version of Unity?  AC v1.51x was released because Unity 5.4, so it could be that there are some compatibility issues.  Either way, we'll need to determine if this is a bug that's already been fixed - so please first update AC even if it's in a duplicated project.
  • Hi sorry for extremely slow reply.

    I will have to get back to you, time constraints are killing me atm.

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