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[possible bug] Action list Inventory : Select Item disables interaction button

Hey everyone. Can't troubleshoot this one.

We have an interaction menu with 3 options. Look, Use and Combine.

Choosing Combine on hotspot #1 triggers the action list- Inventory : Select item.

We can then hold an item and use it at will.

But when we return to hotspot #1, the Combine interaction is unavailable. 

It appears, but it is not selectable. 

Sometimes its position is slightly off. Sometimes it is unavailable as soon as the game starts.

Other times it becomes available once we click on the Look interaction.

Does that make sense? Can we provide screenshots / minimum project files?


  • As many relevant screenshots as possible, please, as well as the version numbers of both AC and Unity.

    Are you using Unity UI for your Interaction Menu's display?  I am currently looking into a similar-sounding issue in which Unity UI inventory boxes are sometimes appearing but with Interactible unchecked in their UI Button Inspector.
  • Tis indeed a Unity UI menu. We tried with / without custom animation to no avail.

    BUT it does seem to work fine when See Interaction With is set to: Click On Hotspot. 
    So a problem with the Cursor Over Hotspot option?

    AC 1.54b
    Unity 5.4.of3



    (Linked button says: none - but it is linked to the Unity UI prefab button.)


  • edited October 2016
    Would you be able to PM me your Managers + the Interaction UI prefab?  I'm not able to recreate this, so it could be down to something specific to your game.

    If you can, please also include a dummy scene with a Hotspot that can be used to recreate the problem.  No graphics or other assets, including the player prefab, will be necessary.
  • Couldn't replicate the problem in a new scene either. Still happening in one of our scenes though.  Will continue investigating before bothering you again. Thanks for the excellent support. 
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