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UFPS+Playmaker+Advanced Battle AI

So in using the supported UFPS and Playmaker, I opted for an AI system called Advanced Battle AI. It is a Playmaker Plug-in and specifically supports use with UFPS as well. The problem that I have is that it doesn't seem to work with Adventure Creator.
Before I go into extra-ordinary technical detail, I want to see if there is something simple about why a plug-in that supports Unity's default tagging, layer and prefab system might not be registering when used with AC. For starters, did anyone else try using this at all and got it to work?

If not, here is a little more detail: Running AC, and using the Advanced UFPS AC downloaded controller, I added Playmaker and all the scripting symbols needed for the aforementioned components to work. PlayMaker is present, but it's not actually being used until I need to call it for my AI system, 'Advanced Battle AI'. If run two enemy AIs in an AC scene, the two enemies are independent of any AC or UFPS logic. To make sure the problem wasn't UFPS, I tried to run just AC, PlayMaker and Advanced Battle AI and I had the same technical problem of the AI not recognizing my Player.

To make a long story short, my malfunction happens when I add the 'Paths' and 'Player' script to a Player prefab. I'm not sure why to even begin fixing the problem, as the ai system I'm using looks for a tag, in this case, 'Player'.

Any early thoughts on what is going on here?


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    Haven you changed the "motion" engine type in the AC Player to custom? I've never used UFPS or that AI system, but I know that if set to do it the Player/NPC script will take control over the the player's movement. If the AI system does the same you are going to be in trouble, cause one of the systems will always override the other. It's basically the same as when you do translation in an animation for an object and then you try to move that object directly by code, you will have an issue because the animation is already moving the object (solution in that case is to parent the object to some empty and move the parent). But, anyway, in your case you may want to disable motion in the AC player/NPC and let the AI system do the moving.
  • I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Advanced Battle AI, but I can't think of a reason why it would conflict with AC's Player prefab if the ABAI asset is controlling other characters.

    - Do your AI characters have any of AC's scripts, e.g NPC?
    - Is your Player prefab spawned in at runtime?  Any improvement if you save your Player into the scene file instead?
  • Even though UFPS is supposed to be compatible with Advanced Battle AI, I tried the two together and it didn't work. So I scratched using an action battle system in real time.
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