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A case for ANDing variables

This may seem a puerile
problem for you but I have tried several hours finding a simple
solution and failed. Here is the problem:

I have 4 enemies (spiders
robots) who have to be destroyed in order to be able to go through a

This is a simple AND of
variables each of which is set True when it disappears (destroyed),
but now the problem is how to consider a spider “destroyed”? I
have used the Exploder package which when I hit the LMB it
practically disappears and I can confirm it by using Object:Check
Presence or CheckVisibility Actions. I have used your Pickable script too and when I throw it far and away it also does "disappear".

I've tried several
solutions and each one either is excessively long and complex or it
gets in a infinite loop and stalls.

There must be a simple
solution out there for such a typical scene and your help would be


  • Try using a single local Integer Variable to keep track of the number of spiders destroyed.  Each time one is destroyed, increase the value by 1 using the Variable: Set Action, being sure to prevent each spider from being destroy-able more than once.

    You can then run a Cutscene after each time, which contains a Variable: Check Action to determine if the Variable's value has reached 4 or not.
  • The crux of the problem is
    the actual killing and checking if it is out from the scene.

    I have found the solution
    by daisy-chaining Object:CheckPresence actions one for each spider
    like an AND gate: If spider1 is not present check spider2 , if not
    present check spider3, etc. At the end of this chain if all fail then
    I set an doorsOpen variable true.

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