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Bone Based Characters?

Hi, I wonder what is the workflow to implement bone based characters, like the kind created with Spline, Puppet2d or Anima2d? What animation engine should I use, because I tried them all and always have some issue, like not properly changing the animation, not able to mirror the character or character disappearing due to root object rotation.

Ideally I want to have kinda platformer movement - only facing left or right, even when slightly moving up or down.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


  • Welcome to the community, @postmortembg.

    "Sprites Unity Complex" is the advised method for 2D characters whenever something non-standard is required (e.g. only 2 directions, another animation engine, etc).

    That method allows you to rely on your own Mecanim parameters (e.g. Facing angle or direction integer) to use however you wish.

    AC supports custom animation engines (see the Manual's Section 12.5), but what work is required depends on the other engine itself.  So long as your character can be animated with Mecanim, it may be that all you need is Sprites Unity Complex.  The key difference between that method and the standard "Mecanim" engine option is that you can assign a "Sprite child" Transform which AC will keep facing the camera at all times.

    A thread specific to Spine integration can be found here.
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    Thanks, Chris!
    Great plugin by the way :) I have found the demo example and figured out the manual animation switching, but still have some problems with character mirroring (at some times it's in some weird state between -1 and 1 scale resulting in shrinked character). Do you have any idea what I'm doing wrong? 
    I've attached screenshot with description:
    Also, when there isn't a single sprite with pivot point, what should be changed so the characters base to be set at his feet? Right now when I set direction with point and click, character walks and is positioned somewhere around his pelvis instead of his feet.
    I'll be thankful for any suggestions! Thanks!
  • AC has its own frame-flipping feature when using the Sprites Unity engine, but it's not available for Sprites Unity Complex.  Is this what you're trying to make use of?  I suspect that if you set it when the Animation engine is set to Sprites Unity, then it'll have unwanted effects if you then set it to SUC - so try switching to SU, turning off the feature if set, and then set back to SUC.

    As both your root object and immediate child are named the same, is your the child correctly assigned in the "Sprite child" field?

    It looks like this may be a Unity issue, however. I would recommend getting it working as best you can outside of AC, so that you can be sure of what's doing what when it's all put together.

    The pivot point should be where the position of the root object is.  This should also be the position of the sprite child.  You could try changing your sprite child to a new object in between the root and the current one - it doesn't technically need to be a "sprite" object, but AC needs to counter-rotate the child to face the camera as the root object itself turns in 3D space.
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