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Character Animation Question

edited August 2014 in Engine development
I've created a few custom animations for my main player character. If I wanted it to use them for both directions the character is facing, is there a way to do it so it just flips the animation like it does with walk cycles? or would I need to create two seperate clips for each direction and then call that specific one based on the interaction? 


  • I assume your animation engine is set to "Sprites Unity", in which case yes: when using the Character: Animate action to play a custom clip, check Add directional suffix.  This will add e.g. "_L", "_R" etc to the clip name to play (and will be based on which direction the character is facing to begin with).  So long as the clip exists in the Mecanim FSM, it'll get played.
  • Thanks Chris. Yes it is Sprites Unity. I tried it, it plays the clip but the wrong direction even with the directional box checked? 
  • Take a look at your player character script and make sure Multiple Directions is checked, then set the dropdown to Left Mirrors Right (or the other way around, whatever direction you drew your sprites in). That should do it.
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