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urgent bug: Crafting freezes Unity

u5.4.4p4, ac.156c

Crafting freezes Unity

My game uses Unity UI but it also freezes in the 2D demo with the AC Menu

Tomorrow I have another tester over.
Do you have an idea for a quick fix in the code?


  • Recreated, but it's not clear why this is occuring.  Will get back to you when I know more.
  • In MenuInventoryBox, find line 785:

    while (AreAnyItemsInRecipe ())

    replace with:

    while (AreAnyItemsInRecipe (newItemList))

    then find line 850:

    private bool AreAnyItemsInRecipe ()

    replace with:

    private bool AreAnyItemsInRecipe (List<InvItem> _itemList)

    and line 852:

    foreach (InvItem item in items)

    replace with:

    foreach (InvItem item in _itemList)
  • It works again :-)
    I'm sure this was a tough one!
    Thank you! 
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