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Adventure Creator Jam (unofficial)

Hi all,

I've set up a game jam for us AC users on

Hope to see a lot of you there! 


  • Will the theme be based on French comic books? ;-)
  • An anonymous donor has just promised to sponsor a prize for this: 30 euros to spend on the Unity asset store, Steam or Amazon!

  • Umm, I've never participated in a Game Jam before to be honest. But it sounds interesting, if I think I'll have enough time, then maybe I'll join in too. I've also been making a lot of functionality built on top of AC that I'd like to test, and I can also use my own custom plugins too, right?
  • Absolutely!
  • Have received a question regarding team entries for this. I'd personally love to see people from the AC community working together on projects, but must remind everyone to not share code from the AC core with strangers on the internet.

    The way I understand the license it's okay to have an artist without a legal copy of AC if that person is just doing graphics or audio without ever coming in contact with AC itself.

    Will update here when I've cleared this up.
  • UPDATE: No problem collaborating with an artist who's not using AC directly.

    There goes the last excuse for not taking part! :D
  • Adventure Game Jam on Discord:

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    Hope more people enter. We should probably make more noise, lol. I myself am thinking of doing something with minimal artwork. I've been doing nothing but programming recently so I think focusing on story will be a nice change of pace. I've been kinda busy this month and still am a bit, so am not sure how long I'll manage to make the project, but maybe something demoish in length? Lol, well, we will see I guess.
  • Luckily, focus on story is something that suits this genre perfectly! :)

    I picked the theme yesterday from a list of randomly generated ideas, and it should easily accommodate any setting, style, and tone of game (serious, humorous, horror ...) - but it won't be revealed until the jam starts.

    There's still 4 days left for people to join up, so hope to see as many as possible!

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    Wish we had asked Chris to make an announcement before, even if it's unofficial. But I don't really want to bother him now that he is resting. Anyway, I do hope more people join in. wonder where else can we advertise the Jam besides the forums? Any ideas? Does AC have a unity forum page too? I hardly remember, lol.
  • I think this is where things happen AC-wise, though the donation for the 1st prize was raised by talking to a complete stranger who happened to be standing next to me in a bar and overheard a conversation I had with a friend.  :))
  • Only a couple of days left before the jam, so don't forget to sign up, even if you're in doubt.

    Nobody is coming to your house and demand you hand over a game at the deadline, so give it a try and see if you think it's fun!
  • Jam starts tomorrow and I'm getting strangely restless, even if all I'll be doing is posting the theme and then sit back and see what you come up with ... :-)

    Sign up now if you haven't already:
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    Damn, it's going to be past midnight here when it officially starts, lol. But, I'll probably work some on it even then xD. Anyway, this will be my first Jam so I hope I'll manage to finish graceful-ish.
  • The jam is running now - and the theme is:

    "A case of mistaken identity, a messenger, and a drink."

    Take it away - 72 hours to go! :)
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    Okay - time is up!

    Two games were submitted and now you have two days to cast your votes:

    Voting is open to everyone, so please take a look and give some feedback for the authors!

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    Well, I barely managed to upload something, though I kind of had a lot less time that I expected, lol. Plus, I spent way too long of the short time I had just bug fixing and honing some stuff I'm planning to keep using from now on xD. a small prompt system, alert messages and emoticons system, all controllable from within AC. I also made a small bgm track, though I wished I had the time to make it long enough, maybe I'll actually finish it some time, but as a bgm loop it's kind of ok. lol.

    Anyway, how is the winner determined? Do we have judges or just the community?

    PS: well, I guess you commented while I was typing xD
  • Regrettably mine had to be put together in just 24 hours because of my mate dragging me into town for Easter weekend! I really had to let a lot of stuff slide that I wanted to put in, and time really moves faster than I thought it would, it's weird.

    Really needed more time to work on a soundtrack and on animation stuff. I also wanted this Abe's Odysee style chanting sound for my "beings" speaking but just ran out of time, so I ended up with this eerie, flat silence :-( 

    Good fun though, I wish more people entered.

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    Don't worry, mine's super short too, lol. Like a single scene, or like the beggining scene of a game, and I also started yesterday... In fact I just found a bug... pisses me off. cause it's a one liner to boot (two operator symbols...), which I fixed in a second. Wonder if bug fixes are allowed as long as there's no extra content added?

    Anyway, it's a bug with the prompt's queue system, I didn't notice cause I went from one NPC to the next in order. I'd noticed if I had left and returned to the same one repeatedly. Anyway, anyone playing the current version should be aware that sometimes the Prompt will not open or open when leaving. But if you go from NPC to NPC and always click the prompts, you are less likely to see the error (specially the yes button, cause I set it to fire an actionlist, and followed by that all prompt types will automatically close and reset their respective queues).

    Anyway, maybe I can add the version with the fix as a v0.1, without deleting the original?
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