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  • I would like to buy you a beer, too, if you ever happen to come to Hamburg, Germany.  :-)
    Enjoy your vacation!
  • edited May 2017
    Thanks for the invites and warm words, everyone!  I was nowhere near any of those places I'm afraid, but it's all appreciated.  Instead, it was a lot of beaches, ancient temples and Thimbleweed Park ;)
  • Glad you had a nice break-a-reno!
  • Thank you-a-hoo!
  • Sounds nice!  I'm a bit far from Italy atm, but I appreciate the welcome :)
  • I was amazed first visiting these forums how many posts you have given direct responses to, very hard working. I'm surprised you haven't hired some people for that? I guess that would be pretty expensive though.
  • Have a nice holiday Chris, you deserve it!
  • @tzeivaeris: It was last year - I probably should have putten the full date in the post's original title ;)
  • Haha! We hope you had a lovely holiday last year.
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