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may-question: option titles in save games -> language switch?

After having problems with save games when updating the ios app I looked a bit in the savegames. Noticed that the json is not valid and that there is data serialized like option titles.
I will test from now on the xml storage as it's not experimental.
but the option titles are in there too.

this keeps me wondering
Shouldn't there just be ids instead of titles?
Wouldn't this affect the ability to change the language within a ongoing game?
something in my belly tells me there shouldn't be any text in the savegame.


  • I agree that text within save files should be limited as much as possible, but what exactly do you mean by "Option titles"?

    However, options data such as chosen language and sound levels, are not stored within save game files.  Instead, they are stored in your PlayerPrefs on a per-profile level, meaning you can change your game's language for your current profile, independent of save files.
  • Sorry with option titles I mean dialogue option labels

    I found "_optionLabels\":\ in my savegames with the full text of the labels of some dialogue options.
    I wonder if this will blow up when the language is changed?

    Maybe this was introduced with the feature "Rename dialogue option"?
  • Most certainly.  The feature supports translations already, so I don't think there should be an issue there.  However, it may be possible to rely on Speech Manager IDs rather than pure text in the save file - I shall look into it.
  • edited May 2017
    Update: it's not.  Strings must be able to be present in save games - String variables, parameters and custom tokens are all prime examples of strings necessary for saves.

    This does not affect the ability to change language with a renamed save.  If you have an issue with saving on iOS, please post a thread that covers a specific issue to fix.
  • Ok, Thx.
    I will experiment as soon as I ve written the german subtitles.
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