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bug or improvement: saving whenever we want

edited April 2017 in Engine development
ac156g, u545p1

I have an interaction that is able to call the action " overwrite existing save with slot", followed by a conversation.
when I exchange the save-action with a actionlist which handles all the saving (saving ui appear, saving sound, saving ui disappear) then I get ...

Cannot save at this time - either blocking ActionLists, a Conversation is active, or saving has been manually locked.

 -> AC debug logger

if that is not a bug then this a suggestion for an improvement :0)


I have about 50 save actions somewhere in the game.
If I want to tune the saving behaviour I have to find them all and then add changes ui, sounds whatever. I prefer one actionlist which is called everywhere with attributes (auto + slot, auto only, slot only)

The reason I d like a ui and a little sound is because the game freezes on ipad when saving.


  • Well, it could be that when you start the next conversation the Save action hasn't finished saving, as the conversation is most probably run immediately after the save action is triggered. Could you try adding a Engine Wait for 1 or 2 seconds and see if there's any difference? (and if that's the issue, maybe adding a wait until done option would help?).
  • Alverik  Thx, but I have the wait until finished checked and tried the engine wait after the action already!
    I think it's a bug.

    May-bug though! :-)
  • Alright, but do try and post some more screenshots of the contents of your actionlists when you have the time. That'll be very helpful later. The current screenshot doesn't really show much...
  • The limits imposed on when saving can occur are there for a reason - long and technical, but the short version is that it ensures that the game loads correctly when restoring.

    If you try to save while any ActionList that isn't the one with the Save: Save or load Action is running, you'll get the warning message you've posted - this is not a bug.

    For more clear help, you should tell us what it is exactly you're trying to do.  It sounds like you're trying to autosave before a (critical?) conversation occurs, but I'm not sure.  In any case, you can try calling your Conversation in a separate Cutscene that has a delay, rather than a wait.  This is a property listed in the Cutscene's header, and is different to the Engine: Wait Action in that no Actions within it will be run until the delay has expired.  Try calling this Cutscene, then saving.
  • You are right: I tried to autosave and save to a specific slot before critical cutscenes
    and I hacked it somehow together with "Engine: Wait" and container cutscenes for those.

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