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Third Person Controller

Hello.. i need a help plz
How to make third person controller for
Mobile with joystick ? and how to make
2d locker with pass code (3 digit) or
(4 digit).. locker from demo physics is
3d drag style.. i don't like that style ..
I means it 2d locker :-/


  • Welcome to the forums @Yokee. For the first issue, you could give the CN Controls Joystick integration a try. CN controls provides an on screen virtual joystick you can use alongside AC (and it's free).

    For the locker, well, you'll need to use variables, and the variable check/set actions. Mind you, this can be confusing for people just starting out, but you'll get used to it eventually. Anyway, here is an example of how you could do it:

    In the variables manager, create the following local or global (int) variables: 


    Then give each locker number slot an actionlist/cutscene, which deals with changing the shown "number"/textures. You'll want the same actionlist to change its respective variable value too (ie: Slot 1 will change Digit1, Slot2 will change Digit2, etc). You'll use Variable:Set to do that.  So if you change Slot1 to show number 3, then you change Digit1, to have a value of 3.

    Lastly you have to make an actionlist that will check if all the digits are correct. ie: the password is 327, so we can have a Lever in the scene with an actionlist, which checks if Digit1 is 3, Digit2 is 2, and Digit3 is 7. You do this by using the Variable:Check action. Now, if all three Digit variables have the correct value, then you know the player got the password right, and you can open a door or whatever you need to. Also, here is an example of using multiple variable checks.
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    You can also use the Variable:Set to increment or decrement a value if you add a - or + to the number (as far as I recall). So you could do a Variable:Set with a new value of +1. You'll probably need the same Digit variables to check which is the current number, so you can change the texture. so, if Digit1 current value is 2, you know you can load the texture with the number 2. If you want numbers from 1 to 9, you can check if the current new value is 9 or bigger every time you increment the Digit variable. And if the Digit really is 9 or bigger, then you can set the variable back to 1 instead. 

    But all in all, you can use variables to remember information and/or check if the information has changed. Just have in mind variables are not automatic, you yourself have to use a Variable:Set action in an actionlist to change the value of a variable. They're useful cause you can create any logic you want by using them.
  • A tutorial for creating an on-screen joystick in AC can be found here.
  • Ah, I never noticed that was there! I should have posted that tutorial, sorry. :)
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