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how to Get Object material with Action List or otherwise

I get to Change Material in Action list but not Get Material. Is there a way to implement this? Can you give me a clue on how to implement it with something like the AC.kickStarter function?
After I change the Material in one object I want to be able to save the its name in a string variable for comparison later 


  • As described in the scripting guide, AC.KickStarter is not a function - it is a reference that allows you to access each of AC's scripts, i.e.:


    As storing a material's name is a need unique to your game, you must use a custom Action.  The code inside your Run function will be something along the lines of:

    string materialName = myGameObject.GetComponent<Renderer>().materials[0].name;
    AC.GlobalVariables.SetStringValue (myStringGlobalVariableID, materialName);

    Where myGameObject is the object whose material you wish to record, and myStringGlobalVariableID is the ID number of the string variable to store it to.
  • I had looked around in Internet for that solution and I didn't find it. I have used the setting/getting of variables through the AC.GlobalVariables lots of times but long line to get the material is quite complicated.... for me.

    It works, thanks.
  • I am developing a typical Memory (find pairs) project exclusively using AC because there are upteen samples out there doing it with C#.

    My project is 80% completed but I cannot find a solution because of the unavailability to store,   GameObjects. in Global variables AC. 

    When I click inside one of  the Hotspot Objects it opens up and shows its Material 'x' and then I click at another Hotspot 'z'  which shows also its material If they are equal I turn both objects invisible but I can't know which object was the first because I don't have a way to remember a GameObject  in AC.
    I have spent a long time trying to find a way out I tried Parameters , and storing the coords of the chosen Objects but to no avail.
  • You can store a GameObject's Constant ID number in an Integer variable.  If you pass an Integer parameter to a GameObject field, then that number will be used to find that GameObject via it's Constant ID number.
  • That would be nice. but can't make it work.
    I have stored the Constant Id of the GameObject  9the one I will want to make invisible later) in a variable .
    In my CheckEquality Action List (where I check if both materials are equal) I list 2 integer parameters but then you say  " If you pass an Integer parameter to a GameObject field"  but I can't let me place anything except a GameObject:

    Object to affect: ONLY ACCEPTS GAME OBJECTS
    Visibility: invisible
  • One caveat: the Action that calls the parameterised ActionList (i.e. the one that has ActionList: Run in it) must be an asset file - not a scene-based Cutscene or the like.  You'll then be able to set GameObject parameters by ID number, as well as by GameObject.
  • I changed into an Asset file. Now in this action I have:

    Source: Assetfile
    ActionList Asset: CheckEquality (ActionList)
    Set Parameters  ticked
    card 1:  None (GameObject)
    card 1 (ID #) 1091552
    card 2: None (GameObject)
    card2 (ID #) 1476532

    But those ID # I had to enter by hand but these will change depending on the card I click in the board . I have the individual ID# stored in a variable integer but I cannot use this variable in the above ActionList .

    Of course if I manually enter the corresponding ID# the ActioList Asset I call CheckEquality will indeed recognize those ID# as GameObjects and render then invisible which is what I want.

    In my CheckEquality action I have this:

    0 card 1  GameObject
    1 card  2 GameObject

  • SOLVED !! after 2 days and a complex ActionList and a parameter ActioList I have what I wanted: If the 2 cards I clicked and unveiled are the same than make it invisible and otherwisw if they are visible.
    Frankly speaking this convoluted way could have been avoided had we a Variable GameObject available.

  • Are GameObjects and parameters actually necessary for this?  You can store materials as two string variables, alternating which one is updated each time, i.e.:

    Click Hotspot A: Material A is set in Variable 0
    Variable 0: Material A, Variable 1: Blank

    Click Hotspot B: Material B is set in Variable 1
    Variable 0: Material A, Variable 1: Material B

    Click Hotspot C: Material C is set in Variable 0
    Variable 0: Material C, Variable 1: Material B

    Click Hotspot A: Material A is set in Variable 1
    Variable 0: Material C, Variable 1: Material A

    You could then compare the two variables each time.  Would that give you what you're looking for?
  • My problem was that I have to either remove the equal Objects from the board or cover them if not equal. So it's the Objects that gave me the headache not the materials for which I used a tiny script which returns the material in a string AC.Variable as you told me how to.

    I am sure , specially you, would find a better way of doing this but after 3 days I don't want to change anything. We say "better not stir it"
    The reason I found the solution is by using an ActionList: SetParameter which can set one and only one of the 4 parameters I had at a time.....
    Thank you for your help as usual even when it is a Holiday (maybe it is not a holiday in your area)

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