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Global scripts

Hi there,
I'm wondering if anybody has any advice where global scripts are concerned.

I know how to add a script to a scene by attaching it to an object, but what if I want the script to run across all scenes? Doesn't make sense to have to create an empty object for each scene just for this purpose.

A bit of a novice programmer, hopefully didn't miss the obvious answer...



  • If you want a quick solution, you can just add the script in question to the PersistentEngine prefab (found in Assets/AdventureCreator/Resources).

    Otherwise, you'll want to make use of Unity's DontDestroyOnLoad function, which prevents an object from being deleted after a scene change.  As this is not related to AC, however, you should search Unity's forums and Answers pages for more info about how to use it.
  • Awesome! Thanks for pointing me towards the PersistentEngine Chris.

    I have used DontDestroyOnLoad for music in the past (before I learned how to do it in ActionLists) but that still seemed a bit clumsy when testing individual scenes.

    Thanks again for the help.
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