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Engine:Wait works only when gameplay is blocked, not running in the background

Hi all,  I've got a player entering a trigger which I want to call an action and then wait for a few seconds before calling another action, without blocking gameplay. I just updated AC to 1.57. When it didn't work out, I tried I calling an action list from another as per suggestions here and on other threads. I had a video player hooked up on one action list that's set to run in the background. I also created another action list containing Engine: Wait and that was also set to run in the background, to get an action to run a few seconds after the first action list runs, without blocking gameplay.  The second action list did not run past the Engine: Wait node when both action lists are set to run in the background but it does run through when it is set to pause gameplay. 

Following a suggestion from Chris, I backed up to use ActionList: Run in parallel to set everything up in one action list as shown here, but still with the same result. Any tips please on what I might be missing?


  • You're using a custom Action with Engine: Wait random - please replace it with the standard Engine: Wait until this is solved so that we can discount that being the cause.

    As the two Actions on the left (Object: Change visibility and Engine: Play movie clip) are instantaneous, you don't actually need to run anything in parallel - simply running the Engine: Wait and Object: Call event Actions after those two should be enough.

    If things still aren't working as they should, you can use Action comments to debug what's being run and what's not.  Click the cog icon for each Action to toggle on comment boxes, and then write what each Action does inside.  At the bottom of the Settings Manager, click Print Action comments in Console? and you'll find that those messages appear in the Console when each Action is run - which ones are running and which ones aren't?
  • Thanks Chris, 

    With more experiments, I found that switching the trigger type in the inspector from 'Continuous' to 'On Enter' solved the problem. The custom Engine: Wait random works just fine as well. I wouldn't have expected the continuous trigger type to block game play, or if so, to be immune to actions being run in parallel, but apparently it does. 
  • It's not that its immune to such Actions, it's that its running continuously - so it's being re-run over and over again (and ending the currently-run set of Actions prematurely).
  • Okay, got that, thanks.
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