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Conversation menu limits third person Camera movement?

I cannot rotate the third Person Camera around an object when i open a conversation menu script.

Bug or missing something?


  • What method are you using to rotate the camera - inputs or drag?
  • My movement method is set to "none"
    Imput method is Touch Screen
    I am testing with mouse (click drag)  It works (rotates around an object) when conversation is not "on"

  • It'll have to see if that can be changed.  If it can be, I'll include it in the next release.
  • Thanks Chris, hope you can figure a way around it
  • edited July 2017
    Hi Chris, did you found a way so that a dialogue/conversation menu doesnt freeze the 3th person cam movement in this update?
  • Yes - it's in v1.58.
  • Already download it but cant get it to work, what parameters should i change?
    as soon as conversation menu is called/shows up, camera movement is locked.

  • It's not going to change automatically, as that would upset those who don't want it to rotate.

    It's enabled via a new option on the GameCameraThirdPerson component Inspector: Can rotate during Conversations? will show so long as your rotation axes are not locked.
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