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sprite unity complex animator parameter written constantly

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using sprite unity complex 
the angle paramter continuously jumps between 0 and 360 when looking down.

Do these values constantly need to be set in a 2d game when the character isn't moving?

I noticed this  because the mouth of the cop character still keeps hanging.
Maybe these things are related.


  • They are indeed set every frame - but your Animator should be equipped to handle this.  Use Greater Than / Less than comparisons rather than Equal To in your transitions, and the jumping shouldn't matter.  You could also use Blend Trees to get around this - see the included Brain2D_SpritesUnityComplex prefab example.
  • That's what I do.
    I just noticed that the Phoneme param sometimes hangs at 3
    That a salsa issue right? not ac
  • could you please fix the 0 jumping 360 and back issue.
    not all characters of mine have all directions implemented
    some have online left and right and rely on the angle value to decide between left and right.
    when looking down they are spinning because of this
  • Please show some images of their Animators (with transitions), Inspectors and Actions that are controlling them.  Without knowing more detail I cannot advise further.
  • I can fix it by adjusting the transitions.
    It's more an issue like : It used to work.
    Now the value constantly jumps between 0 and 360 when characters are looking down.
    I think it's better to not make the values constantly jump between 0 and 360.
  • Again, I would need to see what it is you're doing - I can't reproduce the issue with the included example character.
  • This is the problem
    "Angle" used to be 0 when direction was 0 -> now jumps between 0 and 360 back and forth

    What I do is:
    I have a character that is looking left or right.
    There are NO look down or look up images. Only left an right:

    Transition between look left and look right (walk or idle) is
    R) Angle greater 180
    L) Angle less then 181

    So this is a example where constantly changing the "Angle" value between 0 and 360 becomes a problem.
    Because with every frame the character changes the direction in which it looks.

    The transition hack/fix for me in my case is
    R) Angle greater 180 and Angle less 360
    L) Angle less then 181

    This is one example where this can cause problems if not fixed.
  • edited June 2017
    OK - best to have it range from 0 (inclusive) to 360 (exclusive), so that it's only ever 0 and never exactly 360.
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