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An advice for game size


I want make an adventure game for Android. My game is full pixel art with about 40 rooms . I don't use any visual effect , particles and so on . I only want parallax and camera movement.My resolution will be 854X480 .

Can I success to get build apk for under 100 MB ?

If I can turn off somethings for pixel art that I never need to it please let me know.



  • Disabling MipMaps and using texture sizes with multiples of four are two ways to reduce the graphical portion of a game size.

    On the AC side of things, you can prevent the Demo game Resources assets from being included by removing the Demo folder.  The Resources assets used by the 2D Demo are minimal.

    Beyond that, this is a more general question about Unity.  Searching Unity's Manual and official forums should give you some good information about this topic.
  • OK

    Thanks so much Chris. I'll try your guide . As I found some tricks by google too.

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