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Upgrading Dialogue Menu.

I am trying to use the dialogue menu to make a costume multiple choice button/event with unity UI system.

But unlike the Inventory i cant find a way  (within dialogue) to use "Swift" buttons on ocasions where there are too many dialogue options to be showend all at once.
(unless icons are really small)

In the inventory menu, we have inventory box where it allow us to select max number of slots and that way we can just show a few and swift the rest.

Is is doable to have a similar option within Dialogues? 


  • Do you mean "Shift" buttons as opposed to "Shift"?

    It is possible.  When a DialogList element is rendered with Unity UI, the Maximum number of slots field should still appear in it's Properties list.  Is that not showing for you in the Menu Manager?  Which version of AC are you using?
  • Found it

    Working great now
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