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WishList Vector3 variable

Is it doable the addicion of a Vector 3 variable to AC?


  • For what purpose?  A String can be used to store information of any type.
  • Simplicity and speed

    for example Object Transform - Translate to - vector

    AC is about no-coding/speed/ simplicity

    In our workflow this would boost all 3

    You can use strings or markets but it doubles or triples the workflow
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    And such changes also have an impact on performance.

    I don't need to be reminded of what AC is about, but I do need to be given a case for such large changes.  Please give a proper example of why/how you'd use this - not how an Action might be modified, but how it would be useful in an actual scenario.
  • In our work were we need to dynamically (and randomly) change objects and camera positions that are linked to other objects via scripts , for example a camera or 2-player the can appear in 120 possible locations,  looking at another complex array of possible targets, right now the work around is to have all possible camera positions scattered around, or have all possible vector manually positions pre-made (or have all hardcore scripting)

    If we could have a vector3 variable, we could drop the complexity and workflow.
    via simple AC scripting

    We could get and translate these vector3 from ac objects (markers, npc, hotspots, cameras) dynamically

    It would be a great maximizer of "object transform" or "teleport" 
    It would open the possibility of a  "get position" from (any) object, and that would also help alot.

    We can tackle random positioning (that exist in Real time or Multiplayer games)
  • All right, will consider.
  • Thank you So much for the Uptate 
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    Yes, thanx for this update. It is very useful because I have tired of playing with old settings
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