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Lip-sync (shapeable)

Hi Chris!

I'm trying to set up lip-sync (or some basic mouth-moving) last three days but the lips aren't moving:-( I'm really frustrated now and I hope that you'll tell me what I'm doing wrong.

I set up phonemes correctly:

I set up blendshapes (when I'm moving by cursor with talk_D parametr, the mouth is opening):

I added shapeable script and set it up:

I have phoneme group there:

But when the Player is talking (Dialogue: Play Speech), the lips aren't moving.

Please, do you have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks for the answer,


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    Which versions of AC and Unity, please?

    You'll need to have as many shapekeys in the Phonemes group as you do phonemes in the Speech Manager - create three more even if they're just copies of the "Talk_D" shapekey.

    Check the Skinned Mesh Renderer Inpsector at runtime - are the values also not changing, or is the issue purely visual?

    Try temporarily removing the Animator component, so that we can tell if that is creating a conflict with the lipsyncing system.

    If you're using a translation, also try setting it back to the original language by clearing options data at the bottom of the Speech Manager.

    Generally though what you've posted looks OK.  The Physics Demo uses the same technique (with Sapi files, but it still works when set to "From Speech Text").  Download it and check that it works for you - bringing in the "BrainOffice" prefab into your own game to see if he still works.  If so, it's likely an issue with your character and we can investigate further.
  • Thanks for answer. My friend created a new model and added more blendshapes and it's working now! Not sou accurate with speech but the lips are moving!

    I don't know what was wrong with the old model, I tried to modify shapekeys or to add three more, remove Animator, check translations, nothing worked.

    But it's solved now.

    Thanks and bye!
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