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Using variables as parameters for ActionLists

When one uses a variable to run an ActionList from another one and wants to pass a string variable as a parameter, it should be specified as [var:n] in the "ActionList Run" action, but doesn't work if by mistake you write [Var:n]

Would it be possible for AC to not take the case of letter "V" into account when using this feature? It's a small detail, but can be frustrating when you forget to use lowercase "var".


  • I understand the frustration, but I'm undecided about this.  Increasing the number of token variants also increases the chance of unwanted replacement.

    How many such occurences do you have?  Be aware that you can also copy the correct token text to the copy buffer by right-clicking it in the Variables Manager.
  • I have quite a few of these, as I have been making something quite dynamic (IA and event generator using Playmaker, which set various properties in a C# script, which are then retrieved in AC with a custom ActionList and used amongst other things to set entries in dialogues).

    Not really an issue, just something annoying when you forget about it.
  • All right, I'll allow it.
  • Thanks Chris.
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