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issue with split-screen and subtitles

when I use the action Camera : Split-screen with 2 cams and a left & right camera space of 0.498 I get a cool black border in the middle like I need it (comic style)

unfortunately this border overlaps the Unity UI subtitles

It's not a big deal because I made the border extra thin
but is this avoidable?


  • The Unity UI won't be aware of the fact that it's in split-screen, so you'll have to style your UI so that it doesn't enter that space.
  • I have the same problem, and its a bit trick really because the subtitles are centred at the bottom of the screen, and when I do the split, the black bar runs straight down the middle.  

    A workaround I guess would be to duplicate the subtitle UI and have three versions of it. Left 50%, Right 50% and Centered. Then if you split the screen down the middle, you switch the subtitle UI to the relevant one based on whatever primary camera you need. 

    ie, if the camera on the right 50% of the screen is the primary where all the action occurs, switch to the "Right 50%" Subtitle UI so the text is centered at the bottom of that half of the screen?
  • @KevRev: A novel approach - you can use the Menu: Change state Action (or custom scripting) to lock/unlock each Menu as necessary.  Locking a Menu prevents it from turning under when its usual "Appear type" conditions are met.
  • Excellent! I think that should work nicely.
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